It’s Thursday, and you can smell it in the air. It’s anticipation, really, that you’re smelling. The knowledge that the weekend is just around the corner. I want to take a moment here and now to give you a heads up just in regards to what’s really the perfect way to start your holiday weekend. For everybody in and around the Chicagoland area, Friday night at Lincoln Hall is going to be one great show. Damon & Naomi are headlining, with Amor de Dias opening up. Both have new records out, and you can read the kind words I had to say about Damon & Naomi’s “False Beats and True Hearts” by clicking here and also Amor de Dias’s “Street of the Love of Days” by clicking here. Putting these two bands together on a bill is inspired, largely because they compliment one another so well. In fact, Damon & Naomi even contributed to a few songs on the Amor de Dias record. In case you’re not fully aware of where these two bands are coming from either, Damon & Naomi have been around for awhile, first with Galaxie 500 but they’ve since carved a grand career on their own. Amor de Dias is Alasdair MacLean of the great band The Clientele teaming up with Lupe Núñez-Fernández of the Spanish band Pipas. So yes, both bands make beautiful and inspired folk with plenty of other influences to go around as well. Anyways, the show at Lincoln Hall tomorrow night will be the place to be. It’s a 21+ show, and tickets are $12. Buy a ticket. Here’s a couple mp3s to inspire you:

Damon & Naomi – Walking Backwards
Amor de Dias – Bunhill Fields

As for today’s Pick Your Poison, I can wholeheartedly give a seal of approval to tracks from Asa, The Elected (Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley), Joseph Arthur, Ki:Theory, Mando Diao, and Stephin Merritt (aka Magnetic Fields).

Asa – Why Can’t We

Baby Baby – Kidz

Baby Monster – Russian Lights

Caged Animals – Girls on Medication

David Myles – Don’t Drive Through (Live at the Carleton)

The Devil Whale – Standing Stones

The Elected – Babyface

The Japanese Popstars – Let Go (Luke Walker Remix)

Joseph Arthur – Out On A Limb

Kenton Dunson – Rolling Stone (ft. Garrett Anderson)

Ki:Theory – Holiday Heart

Machine Gun Kelly – Half Naked and Almost Famous

Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody

Neighbors – August

Stephin Merritt – Forever and a Day

Unicycle Loves You – Magic Marker Blackout (Demo)

World’s End Girlfriend – Teenage Ziggy


Custom Blue – Summer’s Gone

Fela Kuti – M.O.P. (Movement Of The People) Political Statement No. 1

INTL – Table Talk

Simian Ghost -Transparent Is OK