It’s a huge sports day for Chicago’s professional teams, as every one of them save for the Bears are playing. Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox and Cubs – all in one night. For some, it’s the playoff game of a lifetime. For others, the season is just getting started. No matter how you look at it though, it’s pretty exciting. You may not care, nor may you be rooting for any Chicago teams, but I do wish them all the best of luck. Pick Your Poison is another solid edition today. Highlights include tracks from The Fiery Furnaces’ Eleanor Friedberger, The Glass Canoe, Jookabox, and White Fence.

Big Tree – This New Year

Delicate Cutters – Chisel and Pick

Dinosaur Bones – Birthright (CFCF Remix)

Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes

The Glass Canoe – What A Green Taste

I’m Not A Band – Black Horses

Ira Atari – Back to Zero (Fuzz Galaxy Buzz Remix)

Jookabox – Man-Tra

Mr. Valentine – Take It To The Bank

Point Juncture, WA – Violin Case

The Qualia – Guess I Lied

Smokey Robotic – SuperVicious

The Vessels – The Trap

White Fence – Get That Heart


From – With You

Sun Glitters – Love Me (:papercutz Remix)

The Wave Pictures – Little Surprise