Funny how life works sometimes. One day after I get all excited and tell everyone about the one year anniversary of Faronheit making the move to “dot com” status, I get slapped with a legal document that basically orders the shutdown of the site. This is not good. We’re not shut down just yet, which is a good thing (and leaving me with enough time to save my archives), and I have every intention of fighting this, but for the time being it might be (okay, IS DEFINITELY) a good idea to put Pick Your Poison on an indefinite hiatus until this whole mess can get sorted out. That’s really what caused all this trouble in the first place anyways. Also, I have no real idea as to how long the site is going to remain active, so please don’t be discouraged if you come by one day and everything is gone. At the very least I’ll be re-starting someplace new under the same name (though the web address would change), so do a Google search if this site goes offline. There’s too much great music out there to sit idly by and not try and generate an active discussion about it, so that’s what I intend to keep doing, mp3s or no mp3s. Content is gonna keep coming until I’m unable to post it here anymore, so don’t consider this a shutdown but instead a scaling back. Please bear with me during this time, and hopefully the site can return to running normally again soon.

Thank you for your patience,


APRIL FOOLS. Yes, I am a terrible person and also realize this is not the most original or funny prank to pull on a day like this. Hell, if you’re seeing this post via direct link from someplace like The Hype Machine then it’s not even really effective. But everything’s fine (that I know of), so let’s jump into this April Fools Day edition of Pick Your Poison. Keep an eye on tracks by AlunaGeorge, The Berg Sans Nipple, The Fervor, Okkervil River and Wires Under Tension. There’s also a new Chemical Brothers track from the forthcoming film “Hanna” available in the Soundcloud section.

The Accidentalz – Night Terrors

AlunaGeorge – Disobey

American Babies – Dance All Night

The Berg Sans Nipple – Convert the Measurement

Brown Bird – Bilgewater

Everyboy – Parachute Mind

The Fearless Vampire Killers – For You & Me

The Fervor – Let’s Get Loaded

Gray Young – Vermilion

Marques Toliver – Deep in My Heart

Okkervil River – Wake and Be Fine

SuperDre – Ghetto Circus

Trap Avoid – Little Countries (Sal Principato & Neurotic Drum Band Remix)

Wires Under Tension – Electricity Turns Them On
Wires Under Tension – Mnemonics in Motion


Cave Painting – Midnight Love

The Chemical Brothers – Escape 700