Oh hey, it’s Wednesday. I’m on little to no sleep, so let’s make this super quick. Pick Your Poison is another large edition bolstered by people filling my inbox mentioning they’ll be playing SXSW, which I’m totally not at. Anyways, my personal highlights in this batch come from Eksi Skso, The High Dials, Storms, Times New Viking and Yuna. Also, Son Lux covering fellow Asthmatic Kitty artist Liz Janes is pretty awesome. And hey, the one Soundcloud track today is from UNKLE and features Nick Cave, so that’s like a double bonus.

The Clutters – Under Suspicion

Controls – We Are Here

Eksi Ekso – Bellows to Brass Lens

Future Sound – The Thrills

The High Dials – Chinese Boxes

Jonah K – Odin’s Beard

The Knocks ft. Alex Winston – You Can’t Hurry Love (Supremes cover)

LexiconDon – Sex ‘N’ Turn

Mathew Sawyer & His Ghosts – Revenge of the Extra From Zulu

Rich Aucoin – Brian Wilson Is A.L.i.V.E.
Rich Aucoin – PUSH

Smokey Robotic – Grace Under Fire (ft. Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones)

Son Lux – Desert (Liz Janes cover)

Storms – Sweet Cup

Talia Coles – Never See You Again

Times New Viking – No Room to Live

Vienna Ditto – This Is Normal

Yuna – Decorate


UNKLE – Money And Run (feat. Nick Cave)