Et tu Brute? Your history lesson for today dictates that the 15th of March is also known as the Ides of March. There’s a number of historical associations with the date, but really everyone knows it as “that day Julius Caesar got stabbed 23 times”. He was in the Roman Senate when it happened, and that’s probably also the origins of the phrase “stabbed in the back”, because his good friend Brutus was one of the guys doing the stabbing. Ah, what the power hungry will do to one another. Pick Your Poison is not quite the betrayal type, so here’s another massive set of mp3s to get you through the day. Highlights include songs from Birds and Batteries, Heaven, Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Thulebasen and We Were the States. In the Soundcloud section you can also stream a new track from Atmosphere that’s pretty great.

Sorry No Ferrari – Ashar (Music For People Remix)

Birds and Batteries – Strange Kind of Mirror

Deletah – There Is No Plan B

Heaven – Mountains Move  (ZIP)

i wannabe – Standing Next Door

John Brodeur – Masterpiece

Jorma and Movie Bare – Either You or Me
Jorma and Movie Bare – Sick

The Knocks – Dancing With the DJ (Acoustic Campfire Version)

Krusht – Spirit of 76 (ft. Alleyes Manifest)

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea – At the Wheel Fighting Elvis

Ruben & Ra – Newer Shooz

Thulebasen – Gate 5

The Violet May – What You Say

We Were the States – Hot Waves

Wons Phreeley – Tonight


Atmosphere – She’s Enough

Federico Aubele – No One

Rumble In Rhodos – Soft Insulated Days