Every now and then I like to remind everyone exactly what the point of Pick Your Poison is, especially for any new people visiting the site. What I do with each daily edition of Pick Your Poison is unload my inbox of mp3s and set it on your doorstep. If a neighbor took a bunch of his stuff, put it in a box, and handed it to you with the instructions to take what you wanted, would you do it? Sometimes there’s crap in there that’s pretty unappealing, but with the bad also comes the great. You may find things you never knew existed before or meet the next great band. Perhaps your favorite band has a new song up for download that you weren’t aware of before, and maybe that’ll be here too. So explore, discover and have some fun with these songs. What I can recommend from today’s batch are tracks from Hosannas, Lohio and Vessels. The Architecture In Helsinki remix of Cut Copy’s “Need You Now” is really great as well.

Crimea X – Varvara

Cut Copy – Need You Now (Architecture In Helsinki Version)

Fan Modine – The EMI Song (Smile For Me) (Alex Chilton cover)
Fan Modine – Julu Road

Foot Patrol – Mudslide

Hosannas – Obsolete People

Jeff Beam – People Places

Lohio – Adelai

Man the Change – Rambo vs. Bas Rutten (1v1)

Robin Bacior – Man Before Me

Vessels – Recur


Jessica 6 – White Horse (Todd Terry remix)

When Saints Go Machine – Pinned