For a Friday, today’s assortment of mp3s in Pick Your Poison is really strong. I’ve got a number of songs to stamp my personal thumbs up on. Those include tracks by The High Llamas, Parallels, Soviet Soviet, Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth), White Denim, The Windupdeads and YACHT. Also in the Soundcloud section there’s some great songs from Blank Dogs and Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy.

Baby Baby – Fire

Brass Bed – Miniature Day Parade

GDC – Leur heure
GDC – Haut contre bas

The High Llamas – Fly Baby Fly

Kina Grannis – White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes cover)

The Morning Birds – I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Parallels – Salome

radioseven – Stellar Cartographer I
radioseven – Stellar Cartographer II

Soviet Soviet – Lokomotiv

Thurston Moore – Benediction

White Denim – Anvil Everything

The Windupdeads – Don’t Let Go

YACHT – Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)


Blank Dogs – Slow Room!

MIGHT – Continental Breakfast

Peter Murphy – I Spit Roses

William Fitzsimmons – Let You Break (featuring Julia Stone)