There’s not a whole lot worse than getting sick, at least in my opinion. Sure, if you’ve ever had to deal with a major disease you agree, though you’ll probably think I’m overreacting when I say even the common cold is a serious problem. The point is, if I don’t feel at or very close to 100%, we’ve got a problem. Why am I bringing this up? Well, for the first time since late last spring, I’m legitimately getting a cold. Severe sore throat, eventually giving way to blocked sinuses and extensive tissue use. It’s in the early stages and I don’t feel like crap just yet, but it’s on the way and I’m angry about it. Hopefully if I start medicating now, I’ll cut it off before it gets really bad. Just know that if I go on some insane rant later this week that doesn’t make much sense, it’s the cold or cold medicine talking. Let’s get to the perfectly sane business of Pick Your Poison. Today I’m happy to feature a number of artists from Chicago’s own Thrill Jockey label, in addition to the usual crop of other stuff. Tracks I’ll recommend come from ALSO, Eleventh Dream Day, The Extraordinaries, Liturgies, Maps & Atlases, Obits and Say Hi. In the Soundcloud section there’s also a couple good ones from Erland & the Carnival and The Fresh & Onlys.

ALSO – Call It Funny

Baron Bane – My Slow World

Eleventh Dream Day – Satellite

Eternal Tapestry – Galactic Derelict

The Extraordinaries – The Big Show

Hot Challenge – Across the Room
Hot Challenge – A Chance

Johanna & the Dusty Floor – Forest of Sorrows

Liturgy – High Gold (Edit)

Maps & Atlases – Living Decorations

Mi Ami – Hard Up

Obits – Shift Operator

Pet Scenes – Man Contest
Pet Scenes – Living the Dog

Say Hi – Dots on Maps


Erland & The Carnival – Map Of An Englishman

Evening Magazine – Millionaire Beach

The Fresh & Onlys – Do You Believe In Destiny