The next couple days of Pick Your Poison are going to be what I like to call “extended” editions, simply to highlight the fact that there are more mp3s available to download than usual. Not that much more, but it’s a few extra just to keep things interesting. Also because I’m being sent a lot of stuff. Today’s highlights include songs from Eastern Conference Champions, Happy Hollows, Radical Face, Sky Larkin and Twilight Hotel. Should you have seen the Amazon Kindle commercials that ran for much of the summer, chances are you’re also familiar (but may not know it) with Little & Ashley and their song “Stole My Heart”, which you can also download below.

Eastern Conference Champions – Middle of the Night

Eksi Ekso – Kills of the Flood Tide

Elves of Heaven – This Christmas

Happy Hollows – High Wire

Indie Folker – The Eyes, The Beard, The Nose, The Stomach, The Lungs

Jon and Roy – Any Day Now
Jon and Roy – Boon Elm

Little and Ashley – Stole My Heart

Murder Mystery – Problems

Radical Face – The Deserter’s Song

Sharron Kraus – Evergreen Sisters

The Sights – Guilty (ZIP)

Sky Larkin – Still Windmills

Space Siren – This Radar

Twilight Hotel – Mahogany Veneer