With the holiday weekend just getting started, everyone’s checking out early to travel out of town or just plain relax for the next few days. I hope you get the chance to spend quality time with family and friends over the next few days. Understandably then, Pick Your Poison is a tiny bit thin today. Another song from ARP gets a double thumbs up from me. You should also have a listen to songs by Oholics and The Super Vacations (the perfect band name for this weekend, right?). Faronheit will be taking Monday off thanks to Labor Day (where we celebrate not working), but things will resume as normal on Tuesday. Have a great extended weekend everybody.

ARP – From A Balcony Overlooking The Sea

The Biters – Melody for Lovers

Delay Trees – Cassette 2012

From A Fountain – Morning

Kokayi – RoxTar

Lavinia – A Damning Confession

Mackintosh Braun – Could It Be  (ZIP)

Oholics – Lose It

Rah Digga and Redman – This Ain’t No Little Kid Rap

The Super Vacations – Be Glad