Oh what a great Live Friday this is set to be. Let’s kick off your Labor Day weekend right with a great set of jams from LCD Soundsystem. This is practically appropriate for the holiday weekend given that once he’s done supporting the latest LCD record James Murphy says he’s going to pretty much retire from music. Actually, he does clear that up a little bit in the interview (which is you can stream via the link below). Essentially he doesn’t want to feel that cyclical pressure that comes from making an album, touring around it, then doing the whole thing over again. Expectations keep rising with each new album and he’d rather go out on top than on the decline. Murphy also says that while he plans to stop touring completely, there may be more LCD Soundsystem music in the future, such as some singles or even another album – just don’t expect it soon or under any sort of timetable. He wants to work at his own pace.

So, about the music. The band plays 3 songs off the new album “This Is Happening”, and one classic otherwise known as “Daft Punk is Playing at My House”. The session was recorded in a London studio while the band had a little down time this past June, and in most cases these versions of the songs sound as good or better than they do on the album. “I Can Change” is just a little disappointing to me, mostly because there’s an echo vocal effect applied to James Murphy’s voice that I find off-putting. Otherwise though, everything is fantastic and more than worth a download.

(Note: Due to some bandwith issues, I had to downsample aka lower the quality of a couple of the mp3s in this session. The original, higher quality versions are available via the alternate links below. Sorry if that’s an inconvenience.)

LCD Soundsystem, Live in London, 6-29-10:
LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change (Live in London) [Higher quality: ZShare]
LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Live in London)
LCD Soundsystem – All I Want (Live in London) [Higher quality: ZShare]
LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Live in London)

Stream the entire interview/session

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