We’re getting so close to the weekend that you can practically smell the BBQ grills firing up. Today’s Pick Your Poison features some great new songs from What Laura Says and Jay Trainer. The band Elsinore is from Champaign, IL, and for the few years I lived in that town I loved their music. They’re ready to break out to the big time with a new record, an mp3 from which is featured below. Also, there’s a Trentmoller song, and if you like electronica you know what a positive thing that is.

The Chapin Sisters – Digging A Hole

Devices Disguised – Gravity Taste Test

Dutch – Just Before the Rain

Elsinore – Yes Yes Yes

Jay Trainer – Miss You Well

No Surrender – Godda Get It (ft. Radioclit)

The Shimmies – Judas

Translations – The Wanderer

Trentmoller – Sycamore Feeling (Edit)

Vincent Minor – Late Night Show

What Laura Says – I Suppose

White Fence- The Love Between