It’s been well over a year since Frightened Rabbit have been featured on Live Friday. Back then, they were hard at work on tour supporting their album “Midnight Organ Fight”. That record is still held in extremely high esteem by yours truly, but the band did release a new album a couple months back. That one is “The Winter of Mixed Drinks”, and while it is filled with some great new songs, many of which some might call anthems, I still find myself preferring the grey tones of their last album. Either way, given that the band tours endlessly and in the last 2 years alone has probably played every major U.S. city a handful of times, it should come as little surprise that they’re on tour again right now. They stopped by Minnesota Public Radio about a month ago to play some new stuff and talk a little bit about life on the road. They played two songs from the new album, and the great “Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms” from the last one. As I’ve also mentioned and as it typically is most weeks, there’s also an interview with the band which is available for streaming below. There’s talk of Icelandic volcanoes, finding ways to stave off boredom during long times away from home, and what to do when you discover a lonely, actual frightened rabbit hiding in your backyard (hint: get him laid). These guys are funny and jovial and awesomely Scottish, so if you like that sort of stuff, have a listen to the interview. Otherwise, the actual songs will suffice. Great performance, though I probably would have liked it a little more if it were acoustic. Ah well, you take what you can get. Enjoy!

Frightened Rabbit, Live on MPR 5-14-10:
Frightened Rabbit – Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms (Live on MPR)
Frightened Rabbit – Living In Colour (Live on MPR)
Frightened Rabbit – Foot Shooter (Live on MPR)

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