Welcome to what we music lovers tend to call a “holiday week”. You could say that next week probably applies that label better, but I’ve been getting the indication that a number of people are a little too eager for their 4th of July celebrations to begin. Not only were my neighbors shooting off fireworks earlier tonight, but the list of people I know on vacation is pretty huge. That being said, expect Pick Your Poison to be on the lighter side until we’re clear of the 4th, with the obligatory July 5th off as well (in observance of course). Highlights today include songs from Carl Broemel, who is a member of My Morning Jacket, and the oft-experimental Serena Maneesh.

Ariel Aparicio – People Who Died (Jim Carroll cover)

Carl Broemel – Heaven Knows

Electric Sunset – Soda

Frances – Between Us
Frances – Lawn Party (Demo)

Jay Trainer – Miss You Well

LexiconDon – December Sunset

The Lucky Dip Escapade – Camp Fire Song

Serena Maneesh – I Just Want To See Your Face

Them Youth – Lost n Lonely (Castaway remix)

Thinking Machines – Nothing Feels the Same

Trances Arc – Boom City