Well, it looks like we used up all the good mp3 mojo earlier in the week, because as far as Pick Your Poison days go, this one is virtually bone dry. All five of the artists below are excellent though, I can personally attest to having heard not only these songs but previous work by all of them, and you can’t really go wrong no matter what you might pick. If I had to point out some strict highlights though, Califone and These Are Powers might be my two big picks of the day.

Califone – Ro

Canby – Rat

David Dondero – Wherever You Go

These Are Powers – Anything Above Nothing  (follow link; mediafire)

These United States – The Great Rivers

As the selection is so sparse today, I thought I might take a moment to share some more songs with you from a number of fresh artists all making music on the same small record label. Call it what you like, but let’s say that Stress Carrier Records is my featured record label of the week. They’re based out of Scranton, PA, and are made up of various musicians and bands that create and release their stuff on their own terms. Of course there’s also some other bands not related to label management signed to Stress Carrier as well. So in the hopes of giving this label and their artists more exposure, spend some time with some of these artists and songs and see if there’s something you like in this bunch. As Pick Your Poison is all about discovering new artists, this is as good of a ground as any to investigate some of the stuff that’s below oh so many radars these days. Find out more about these artists and purchase their music via http://www.stresscarrier.net.

Das Black Milk – Glass

Dice Island – untitled

feelingextrovert – Keyboards On Teh Floor

Fulmarine Petrels – Gold In the Yard

Girls Galore – Sunny Hands

Jeff Gilotti – Arctic Roll

My Dad Is A Dinosaur – Sticks and Stones

Obvious Dolphin – Fashion Boredom