To help start your week off on the right foot, Pick Your Poison has some extra mp3s today for your downloading pleasure. Or I just got more emails and links in my inbox than usual. A couple songs from Fang Island, a b-side from Inlets, a new song from Light Pollution, and a hot new band called 2:54. Most of the downloads today are fantastic, so be sure to check them out!

2:54 – Creeping

A Lull – Weapons for War

Cowboy Indian Bear – Mathmaticians/Colour
Cowboy Indian Bear – Saline

Fang Island – Daisy
Fang Island – Life Coach

The Flying Change – Singer

Hamacide – Carnies (feat. Fielded)

Holopaw – The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion

Inlets – Spotsylvania 

Light Pollution – Oh, Ivory!

The Radio Dept. – Never Follow Suit

Stereo Total – Baby Ouh

Still Flyin – Higher Than Five

Teamforest – Blind
Teamforest – Most Things Are Doomed

Thieves Like Us – Forget Me Not Remix EP  (follow link)

This Will Destroy You – Communal Blood

Trees On Fire – Live Life

The Whigs – Dying

The White White Lights – Space Invaders