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23 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 7-23-15

The final Pick Your Poison for this week features some quality downloads from such luminaries as Blitzen Trapper, GITCHII, Marissa Nadler (covering Black Sabbath) and We Came As Strangers. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Ash Koosha, CRUISR, Deradoorian, Foals, Kelly Lee Owens, Monogold, Myrkur and Pure Bathing Culture, among others.

Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (Du Tonc Rework)

Blitzen Trapper – Lonesome Angel

Dream Lodge – High Desert Star


Luxxe – Cello

Marissa Nadler – Solitude (Black Sabbath cover)

M O N A K R – Teardrop (Massive Attack cover)

Reservations – To Be Honest

We Came As Strangers – Eyedom
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22 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-22-15

Crazy to think we’re already at mid-week. Or maybe it’s the opposite for you and time has just been moving more slowly than usual. Either way, we’re halfway through! In this edition of Pick Your Poison, don’t miss tracks from Magnificent Birds of Prey, Pony Time, Rey Pila and REZZ. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from The Chainsmokers, The Districts (covering David Bowie), DRINKS, Hinds, Kinky Love, Major Lazer (covering Frank Ocean), Meow the Jewels (Run the Jewels with cats), Young Thug and Zeds Dead & LOUDPVCK.

Dayne Jordan – Memoirs of Dayne Jordan

Deqn Sue – Bloody Monster

Magnificent Birds of Prey – Statue

MY BODY – All I Can (QQQ Remix)

Pony Time – Time Tells Me

Rey Pila – Fire Away

REZZ – Plague

YOKOTA – Blindside

Zorr Alex – Where You Shine (ft. Aleksandra Janeva)
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21 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 7-21-15

Happy VMA nomination day to you and yours. The VMAs are the best music video awards show every year that’s being put on by a network that no longer shows music videos. Yet the big controversy today was how Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift are fighting over the number of nominations each of them received. Sigh. Let’s just move on already. Today’s Pick Your Poison has some nice downloads from 7Sleepers, Peaches (ft. Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Pyramid and Rustie. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Atlas Genius, Boys Noize & Salva, Cyril Hahn (ft. Yumi Zouma), Greyhat, Icona Pop, Maritime, Moses Sumney (covering Laurie Anderson), PINS and Wavves.

7Sleepers – Seven Sleepers

Francine Thirteen – Queen Mary

The Oyster Murders – When You’re Wrong

Paul Robb – Nocturne #1

Peaches – Bodyline (ft. Nick Zinner)

Pyramid – Night Lights

Rustie – Big Catzz

Sydney Eloise & the Palms – Reckless

The Vaccines – Strangers (Charlie Klarsfeld Remix)
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20 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Monday 7-20-15

Woof. What a weekend. The Pitchfork Music Festival chewed me up and spit me out, as it does every year. To say that I’m feeling physically and mentally drained is an understatement. But in spite of all that, I wouldn’t have traded the last three days for anything else in the world. It was a great time, and you can read all about it via my daily recaps and more. There are some photos that will be posted later this week too once I have the chance to edit them. If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend Pitchfork this year, I hope you’ll try and make plans to be there next year. Now let’s dive into today’s Pick Your Poison, shall we? Don’t miss tracks in this set from Chris London, Heather Bond, SHINERS and Tribe Society (ft. Kiesza). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alice Glass (ex-Crystal Castles), BUOY, CHVRCHES, The Dears, Editors, IAMDYNAMITE, Royal Headache, Wizkid (ft. Drake & Skepta) and more.

Chris London – Merge

Harrison Brome – Midnight Island

Heather Bond – Can’t Undo This

Hein Cooper – The Real

HOT16 – Jupiter

Jackson Boone – Moonbeam

Ryan Stapleton – Vibrate Your Body

SHINERS – Just Like You

Tribe Society – Pain Told Love (ft. Kiesza)
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16 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 7-16-15

For the final time this week, I’ll offer a brief reminder that it’s Pitchfork Music Festival Week here at Faronheit, meaning there’s comprehensive coverage happening leading up to and through this weekend’s celebrations. Just a quick in case you missed it set of links for you: 1) Listen to every artist on the lineup 2) Friday Preview Guide 3) Saturday Preview Guide. Later today, the Sunday Preview Guide will be published, followed by daily on the ground recaps of everything that happens in Union Park this weekend. It’s going to be tons of fun, so I hope you’ll follow along? If you’re here just for the downloads and streams below, please have tons of fun with those as well. You shouldn’t miss tracks from elle le fantome, Hawking, In Sonitus Lux, Rozes and Wells. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cape Snow, Dilly Dally, Julianna Barwick (coverng Suicide), Lower, Photocomfort, Toro y Moi (ft. Rome Fortune), Woolen Men and much more!

elle le fantome – Sore

Hawking – Books On Tape

In Sonitus Lux – Bump

Merry Ellen Kirk – Lovers & Liars

Owl vision – Morbid Haze

Rozes – R U Mine

Stuart Newman – Love’s Off the Hook

Waterchild – Holiday (Damocles On Vacation Remix)

Wells – Fractures
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15 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-15-15

Have you been keeping up with the Pitchfork Music Festival coverage happening on this here site so far this week? It’s been a lot of fun so far, first providing ways to hear, see and download tracks from every artist on this year’s lineup, and then offering up a preview guide for what to see on Friday. The Saturday preview guide will be up shortly as well, so please keep up, particularly if you’ll be in Union Park this weekend. Now let’s get to the more relevant business at hand, today’s Pick Your Poison. Thare are some great tracks in this set from Best Behavior, Empire Machines, Protomartyr, Sweet Lou and Swervedriver. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Aqueduct, Karmin (covering Rihanna), Mac DeMarco, Menace Beach, Modern Merchant, Morly, Natural Snow Buildings, Salad Boys and Sharon Van Etten.

Best Behavior – Star Signs

Champagne Papi – Know Yourself (Jacques Greene Intro Edit)

Empire Machines – Wanted Way

Family and Friends – Wyoming

New Town Kings – Pack Up Bye Bye

Protomartyr – Why Does It Shake?

Stevie B Wolf – Nothing But A Name

Sweet Lou – Down the Muddy Road

Swervedriver – Winter Depths
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14 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 7-14-15

I’m going to remind you about this every day this week, so my apologies if it gets tedious. Beyond the typical Pick Your Poison entries, it’s also Pitchfork Music Festival Week here on the site. On Monday I shared songs and videos from every artist on this year’s lineup. Later today I’ll be posting a preview guide for Day 1 of the festival, which starts on Friday. It promises to be a great time, so if you’re going I hope to see you there. If you aren’t able to make it, please live vicariously through all the coverage. Okay, now onto the tracks below. Don’t miss downloads today from Betty Moon (covering Depeche Mode), Craig Marshall, GZA x Sweet Valley and Shades. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Advance Base, Axel Boman, Cyril Hahn (ft. Say Lou Lou), Gilligan Moss, Lane 8 (ft. Matthew Dear), Maximum Balloon (ft. Karen O & Tunde Adebimpe), Screature, Society and Sterling Silver.

Betty Moon – No Good (Depeche Mode cover)

Cordelia & The Buffalo – 7th Sea

Craig Marshall – Something On Your Mind

Five Eight – Behead Myself

Gold Class – Life As A Gun

GZA x Sweet Valley – Planetary Energy

Shades – Balloon

Sphynx – Neon Eon (Live)

Yellow Shoots – Pieces
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13 Jul

Pitchfork Music Festival 2015: Hear the Lineup

Welcome once again to Pitchfork Music Festival Week here on Faronheit! Each year, I’m proud to provide extensive coverage of the Pitchfork Music Festival in the form of previews, recaps, photos and much more. It’s all part of a grand plan to ensure you’re fully prepared for all of the must-sees and must-dos at Union Park this weekend, or to at least give you a strong idea of exactly what went down if you can’t be there in person. For those unable to attend, either due to geographic location, financial issues, previously scheduled engagements or inability to buy tickets (only Friday tickets remain), I sincerely hope you’ll follow along this week to hear about all the gritty details.

As it is every year, the lineup for the 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival is stacked with a who’s who of indie talent, along with a whole bunch of new and rising artists on their way to stardom. I’ll have plenty of details in the coming days surrounding who you shouldn’t miss each day and when they’re performing, but for today I hope you’ll take some time to explore and learn more about the lineup on your own. All of the resources you need to do so can be found right past the jump. Stream and download some songs. Watch some music videos. Visit some websites. This is an interactive journey, and I have high hopes you’ll make some fun and interesting discoveries as a result. There are clickable Soundcloud, YouTube and other links for every artist in alphabetical order by day. If you’re a Spotify user, you’ll also find a 92-song playlist (organized by set time) embedded at the very bottom of this post for your convenience. It contains a lot of the same material you’ll find below, only you won’t have to click as much.

So there you have it, please enjoy responsibly. Starting on Tuesday there will be day-by-day previews leading up to the start of the festival on Friday, so keep checking back as we progress throughout the week!
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13 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Monday 7-13-15

It’s Pitchfork Music Festival Week here at Faronheit, so it is my sincere hope you’ll check out the expansive coverage of the festival that will be happening for the next seven days. Those posts will hopefully be as great of a new music discovery engine as these Pick Your Poison entries are as well. Speaking of which, enjoy today’s collection of tracks, including downloads from Automatic Writing, Jones Family Singers, Secret Friend and Strange & Primitive. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Childbirth, CocoRosie, Diet Cig, Leithauser Maroon (ex-Walkmen), Phil Cook (covering Charlie Parr), Sharkmuffin, Shopping, SWIMM and The Underachievers.

Automatic Writing – Icons

+Aziz – Halal

Ben Trickey – Shipwrecked in the 80s

David Berkeley – To the Sea

Jones Family Singers – I Am

Le Tour – Friend

Nicolas Jaar – Tourists (Creange Remix)

Secret Friend – I Don’t Know You

Strange & Primitive – Difficulties Be Damned
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09 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Thursday 7-9-15

Before we jump into today’s Pick Your Poison, I want to give a quick reminder to my fellow Chicagoans that the Taste of Chicago is happening in Grant Park. It’s a yearly thing, so you’re probably very aware of it, but whether you love it or hate it or fall somewhere in between, at the very least it brings some good quality music to town. Saturday will feature sets from Spoon and Houndmouth, so check that out for free if you’re willing to sit on the lawn, or pay a few bucks for actual seats. There’s also some quality food, despite the immense people traffic jams and high prices. Go or don’t, this is just a friendly reminder. Now let’s see what we’ve got here today. Don’t miss downloads from Cancellieri, Love at First Sound, Schmieds Puls and Thayer Sarrano. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cold Beat, Des Ark, James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg, Joe Plummer, Surfer Blood (covering Outkast), Susanna (covering AC/DC), Wild Ones, Yuck and more.

Cancellieri – Education

Love at First Sound – Good Ain’t Good Enough

Rev Gusto – Shoot the Messenger

The Rightovers – Canyon Country

Schmieds Puls – You Can Go Now

Sextile – Can’t Take It

Stolen Jars – Kept

Thayer Sarrano – Crease
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08 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-8-15

Here’s what’s shakin’ in today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. My apologies for the terrible turn of a phrase there, but enjoy downloads from Liminal Drifter, Oh Geronimo, Shannen Nicole and Taiki Nulight. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Birthday Boy & allie, HANA, House of 909, Jessie Jones, Ne-Hi, Pleasure Leftists, Prefuse 73, Ultimate Painting and more.

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Lido Man Remix)

Liminal Drifter – Troubled Mystic

mAsis – Make Me Higher (Bear Mountain Remix)

ODESZA ft. Jenni Potts – White Lies (Filip Flip Remix)

Oh Geronimo – The Flood

Shannen Nicole – Lonely Heart

Taiki Nulight – Into Darkness

Trails and Ways ft. Harriet Brown – Downright (Falcon Punch Remix)
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07 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 7-7-15

Just a friendly reminder that this week begins the brand new international album release date of Fridays! Instead of different countries each choosing the day of the week when they’d like to release new albums, everybody will be on one standard blanket Friday starting on the 10th of this month. In other words, if you were bewildered why that album set to come out this week wasn’t in the iTunes store when you looked for it, that’s most likely because it’s being held until Friday. It’s going to take some getting used to, that’s for sure, but ideally it’ll make things easier in the end. So wanted to make sure you had a heads up in case you didn’t know or forgot. Of course Pick Your Poison continues on with no changes, and today there are some delightful tracks from Daphni, Foxtails Brigade, Kins and Yung Lean. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Grouper side project Helen, Jack J, Mark Barrott, Media Jeweler, Ought, Picnictyme, Public Image Ltd, Radioactivity and Windhand.

Daphni – Vikram

Foxtails Brigade – Far Away and Long Ago

Kins – Young

Ooah & M!NT – If the Smoke Clears

Redlands – Big Talk

TOYS – Golden Line (A Theory Remix)

Whiiite – Gorilla Rock

Yung Lean – Crystal Clear Ice
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06 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Monday 7-6-15

…And we’re back. Hope your holiday weekend was grand if you celebrated. For my non-U.S. readers, we all took an extended weekend to honor Independence Day with fireworks, grilled foods and good company. Now it’s time to get back to the business of providing some fine new music for you to listen to and enjoy. Today’s Pick Your Poison includes some nice tracks from C. Gibbs (a couple days late for the holiday…my fault), DIV I DED, The Hate Eighties and HOT16 (ft. EPP & Elton Cray). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from AFX (aka Aphex Twin), The Age of L.U.N.A, Crystal Castles, The Lighthouse & The Whaler, Little Boots, Midnight, Mueller_Roedelius, Painted Palms and Julio Bashmore’s remix of the latest Disclosure single.

C. Gibbs – Fourth of July

DIV I DED – Electric Age

The Hate Eighties – The Beat of Your Heart

HOT16 – WHEREDOWEGO? (ft. EPP & Elton Cray)

Jay Dillinger – Too Gone

MULA – Playa (Borchi Remix)

PrettyBoyBeats – Drop That Bass

TIO – Day Fort (TIO Remix)
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01 Jul

Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 7-1-15

Welcome to July! That holiday weekend is getting closer and closer. Celebrate a bit with today’s Pick Your Poison. Enjoy tracks from Bellwire, House of Blondes, Jet Trash, Meghann Wright and We Came From Wolves. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Beach House, Blood Orange, DonMonique (ft. Slayter & Danny Brown), Helado Negro, ON AN ON, Prince, Puro Instinct, The Walters and YAWN.

Bellwire – Time Out

A Billion Lions – Doomsday Babies

House of Blondes – First of July

Jet Trash – Baby C’mon

Livin Joy – Don’t Stop Movin (Sonus Remix)

Meghann Wright – Cocaine

Monks of Mellonwah – Even When It Burns

We Came From Wolves – Glasgow Stranger
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30 Jun

Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 6-30-15

There are some fun tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison that I hope you’ll really enjoy. Don’t miss cuts from Broke Royals, The Delay in the Universal Loop, Jesse Payne, Owen Pallett and Tearjerker. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Blank Realm, High Rule, Jess Penner, Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, Raw Meat, The Road Chief (aka Mark McGuire), Toro y Moi, Ty Dolla $ign (ft. Future & Rae Sremmurd) and Wavves x Cloud Nothings.

Broke Royals – This Time

The Delay in the Universal Loop – How Does It Feel to Be the Eternal Youth of the 7th Universe?

The Heart Strings – Beautiful Abyss

Jesse Payne – Ravens

Julian King – No Strings

Killing Kuddles – Sinking Ship

Owen Pallett – The Phone Call

Tearjerker – Perfect
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