In the first extended edition of Pick Your Poison for 2020, I’m happy to present some lovely downloads from the likes of Blake Banks (ft. BIGBABYGUCCI), Jupiter Virus, Light FM, and Marion Belle. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, discvoer more music from Alec King, Blondage, Chelsea Cutler, Fredo Bang, Jen Starsinic, Kyle Watson (ft. Apple Gule), PEDRO, Pop Smoke, Slotface, Steve Aoki & Maluma, Surf Rock Is Dead, and Victoria Bigelow.

7 Vibes Journey – Vibe 4

Blake Banks – Can’t Catch Me Slippin’ (ft. BIGBABYGUCCI)

Jupiter Virus – One Day

Light FM – Dreamerz

losLAUREN718 – Forgive Me (Dirty Version)

Marion Belle – Soundcheck

The People Versus – Ground Opening


Alec King – Dangerous

Blondage – Over It

Chelsea Cutler – Sad Tonight

Fredo Bang – Vest Up

Jen Starsinic – Foreign Thing

Kyle Watson – I Got You (ft. Apple Gule)

PEDRO – Calores

Pop Smoke – Christopher Walking

Sløtface – Tap the Pack

Steve Aoki & Maluma – Maldad

Surf Rock Is Dead – Diabolik

Victoria Bigelow – To Everyone I’ve Loved Before