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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 5-9-19

There’s an unintentional theme to the three tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison highlights: nature. It starts with a delightful track from Branches, like on a tree or in a river. Then go for a swim with something new from FISHER. Follow that up by clearing out your barn of all the great Haybaby. But I digress. Slide on past the jump to discover even more new music from Aisha Devi, Carla Geneve, CJ Fly, Godlands, Jeanines, Medasin (ft. Kathleen), Mood J, Tee Grizzley, and Cosey Fanni Tutti’s reworking of a Penelope Trappes song.

Branches – Out of My Head

FISHER – You Little Beauty

Haybaby – Get Down

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Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 5-7-19

Ooh today’s Pick Your Poison is a fun one. Get a preview of the upcoming Denzel Curry record with a track right at the top, where, quite frankly, it belongs. If you’re not yet familiar with artists like Little Church and mxmtoon, please also use this opportunity to give their songs a try as they’re the future stars of tomorrow. I’m sure there are other potential breakout artists in this set, and if you keep going past the jump, you can hear more music from Chris Orrick, Hildur Hoglind, Isaac Dunbar, Jhene Aiko, Juliane, Julio Nickels, LP, Paper Idol, and Summer Cannibals.

Denzel Curry – RICKY

Little Church – Last Night

mxmtoon – prom dress

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 5-6-19

Quite excited to share today’s special extended edition of Pick Your Poison with you, largely because there are so many great tracks to enjoy. For example, in the downloads section alone I’ll recommend checking out songs from Ardent Sons, Lauren Crosby, Steve Marino, and Sam Florian (ft. la Oberg). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream more music from 10k.Caash (ft. Matt Ox), Autograf & The Griswolds, BLVK JVCK (ft. Ace Hood), Crooked Colours (ft. Ladyhawke), Drinker, Kossiko (ft. G-Eazy), Lil TJay (ft. Jay Critch), Logic (ft. Eminem), Matroda (ft. Dances With White Girls), N.A.O. Quelly, Still Woozy (ft. Omar Apollo and Elujay), and YG (ft. Tyga & Jon Z).

Ardent Sons – Black Magic

du0 – It’s OK

Katile – For You

Lauren Crosby – You Don’t Need A Rose

Little Slugger – You’re On Your Own

Steve Marino – Dehilya

Ryan Thompson and The Delicate Hounds – Stop

Sam Florian – In My Body (ft. la Oberg)

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 5-1-19

Welcome to May, where it’s kind of starting to feel like spring in Chicago, but not really. At least the music is nicer than the weather, and is available year-round. Give a listen to the latest song from Luna Shadows to kick off this edition of Pick Your Poison. Factor in some new slenderbodies and another track from Young Nudy featuring a hugely popular guest star (Lil Uzi Vert this time), and overall this whole collection starts to take shape. There’s plenty more to be found after the jump, including music from Blu & Exile, Blue Lab Beats, Far Caspian, Jeals, Mirrorball, Mood J, nthng, Pykari (ft. Sami Suova), and Teddi Gold.

Luna Shadows – lowercase

slenderbodies – dewdrops

Young Nudy – Extendo (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 4-29-19

Spread the word, today’s Pick Your Poison is another extended edition complete with downloads (if you want them). Speaking of which, some mp3s you might want to pick up in this set come from A Picture Made, BVRTH (ft. The Nurse), Mariee Sioux, and Oliver Kennan. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from BANKS, BIJOU, The Bliss, CLARA-NOVA, Dumb, FUKC, Geographer, Kainalu, Kate Tempest, Mattson 2, SHY Martin, and Stef Chura.

A Picture Made – Boxes on the Floor

BVRTH – You Walk Alone (ft. The Nurse)

Illuminine – The Many Deaths of Letting Go (ft. Hannah Corinne)

Kev Minney – God Is An Algorithm

Mariee Sioux – Snow Knows White

Mountain Head – We Stole Your Head

Oliver Kennan – The One

Steve Marino – Dehilya

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 4-25-19

Happy to have a new song from FLETCHER leading off today’s Pick Your Poison. This officially makes her two for two with great singles, and “If You’re Gonna Lie” plays out like a prequel to her breakthrough track “Undrunk”. Also fully enjoying the song from Mia Gladstone below, and I’ll admit that the Young Nudy track ft. 21 Savage certainly grabbed my attention. Soak in some more excellence after the jump, with music from Beverly Kills, Daniella Mason, EDEN, Emotional Oranges, Erik Koskinen, N.A.O. Quelly, Necking, ShitKid, and YaSi.

FLETCHER – If You’re Gonna Lie

Mia Gladstone – Baby Don’t Worry

Young Nudy – Mister (ft. 21 Savage)

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Pick Your Poison: Wednesday 4-24-19

There are many great things about today’s edition of Pick Your Poison, and three of them are right at the top. Always nice to hear something new from FRENSHIP, the track from Jordan Rakei manages to dazzle, while pronoun delivers another powerful smack upside the head on both an instrumental and emotional level. Of course there’s even more music available after the jump, including songs from Alexis Roberts, altopalo, The Boyboy West Coast, Efrim Manuel Menuck & Keith Doria, MF Tomlinson, Nightjacket, Second Still, Utah?, and Wy.

FRENSHIP – Keep You Close

Jordan Rakei – Say Something

pronoun – sadie

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 4-22-19

Nursing a post-Easter hangover? Maybe just a little tired from having to go back to work or school following a holiday weekend? Yeah, I feel you. Here’s a special extended edition of Pick Your Poison to help make things easier. Notable downloads in this set come from Black Surf, Broken Baby, Danileigh, Pete Gardiner, and Ryan Thompson & The Delicate Hounds. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from ANIMA!, Diamond Thug, Kygo & Rita Ora, MNDR, Olivia O’Brien, OMB Peezy (ft. Sada Baby), Pregnant Women, Skip Marley (ft. Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley), Surrender, Trunky Juno, Two Friends (ft. Dani Poppitt), and Valee.

Black Surf – Eleven Dando (Good Time)

Broken Baby – Meat Week

Danileigh – No Limits

losLAUREN 718 – The Appetizer

NORPHLET – Fingers Crossed

Pete Gardiner – Dangerous People

Ryan Thompson & The Delicate Hounds – Waiting On A Ghost

Sly Antics – Reality

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 4-18-19

Chicago’s own Fauvely lead off today’s Pick Your Poison with the title track from a new EP that’ll be out this May. Also returning are band to watch Haybaby with a great one that’s not a “total bore,” plus something fresh and excellent from Tycho. You’ll find even more music after the jump, including tracks from Andre Bratten, Claudia Bouvette, Johari Noelle, Lonely Boy, Lungbutter, Nathan Micay, Paul J Rogers, Penelope Trappes (as reworked by Mogwai), and Siskiyou.

Fauvely – What the Living Do

Haybaby – Total Bore

Tycho – Easy

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The Wax Trax! Experience [House of Vans; Chicago; 4/13/19]

All of us have two families in our lives: the ones we’re born into, and the ones we choose. The strength of each is determined largely by upbringing and instinct, though coming from a loving household doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always have loving friends, and vice versa. What we’re all ultimately looking for in others is a shared connection, be it through blood, interests, or experiences.

Music often functions as one of life’s great connectors, because it’s easy to bond over a song based on the feelings it evokes when listening to it. Technology has made it easier than ever to not only find and share new music, but interact and make new friends with people from around the globe who share your passion. That wasn’t possible thirty years ago, yet music fans still found one another thanks in large part to places like concert venues and record stores.

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Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 4-16-19

There’s some exciting news today in the form of a brand new Beck album titled Hyperspace that’s scheduled to come out at an “as yet undetermined point in the space-time continuum.” Those are his words, not mine. He’s given us a song from that record, which you can stream below. The last time Beck did this, he gave us the song “Dreams” as a teaser for a new album, then waited two years before finally releasing it. Hopefully this one comes through faster. Also in today’s Pick Your Poison highlights are new songs from shoegazers Blushing as well as post-punk band Editors. Keep traveling past the jump for even more tracks from 0171, Blastic (ft. Myah Marie), Dan Shake, GANZ (ft. Jantine), Jacob Lee, Jeanines, Sunbathers, Thin Lear, and more!

Beck – Saw Lightning

Blushing – Dream Merchants

Editors – Hallelujah (So Low)

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Pick Your Poison: Monday 4-15-19

We’re halfway through April already (where does the time go?), so let’s celebrate that fact with an extended edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Alex Lilly, The Band Royale, Gold Link & Snakemusk, The march Divide, and Mira Cook. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Baby Goth, Col3trane and FKJ, Hey Violet, ISLAND, Lolo Zouai, Meg Mac, Nick Catchdubs, NUE, Robag Wruhme, Thunderpussy (covering Jefferson Airplane), Winona Forever, and Zero.

Alex Lilly – Firefly (Acoustic)

The Band Royale – Loose Lips Sink Ships

Desolate Moon Phases – Same As Stars

Gold Link & Snakemusk – One Thing After Another

The March Divide – I Got Lost

Mira Cook – Married

The Pinx – Mercy!

W.C. Beck – The Long Way Home

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Pick Your Poison: Thursday 4-11-19

File today’s Pick Your Poison highlights under the headline of “things that start with Jes-“. Thrilled to feature new tracks from Jesca Hoop (ft. Lucius), Jesse, and Jessie Reyez (ft. 6lack). But wait, you’ll find even more songs to stream after the jump, including ones from Danny Matos (ft. Samantha Leon & Taylor Tucker), Deadbeat & Camara, Instupendo, Landon Cube, Say Yes Dog, Sevdaliza, Snow Ghosts, The Vaughns, and Vicky-T (ft. Will Connolly).

Jesca Hoop – Shoulder Charge (ft. Lucius)

Jesse – Tunnelovision

Jessie Reyez – Imported (ft. 6lack)

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Pick Your Poison: Tuesday 4-9-19

Today’s edition of Pick Your Poison can best be described as…interesting. Not sure how many names you’ll recognize in this set, but in some ways that’s kind of the point. Hopefully you check out some new artists or songs that were otherwise unfamiliar to you, while occasionally spotting an artist you already know and love mixed in. Of course you make your own choices, which is why the segment has the word “pick” in it. Some highlights here come from The Babe Rainbow, Chloe Foy, and Little Pale x The Gardener doing their best when covering a Stone Roses classic. Elsewhere after the jump, stream songs from Bear Grillz (ft. Micah Martin), Butcher & the Florist, Heir, Merival, Montoya, SACRE, The Skinks (ft. Protoje), Thin Year, and Yung Gravy.

The Babe Rainbow – Morning Song

Chloe Foy – Oh You Are Not Well

Little Pale x The Gardener – I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses cover)

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Show Review: Avey Tare [Co-Prosperity Sphere; Chicago; 4/6/19]

One of the things I admire most about Avey Tare (Dave Portner) is his lack of complacency. At no point in his solo work or as a member of Animal Collective has he adhered to expectation or perceived boundaries, and that wild card nature has often resulted in brilliance (with the occasional misstep). You’re never quite sure where he’ll evolve to next, but can rest assured it will never be boring.

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