There are some fun ones in today’s Pick Your Poison, particularly the three tracks sitting right at the top of this set from 070 Shake, Hayley Kiyoko, and MIKE. Those may be the highlights, but you’ll find even more delights after the jump, including songs from Lolo Zouai, NLE Choppa, Souly Had, StayLoose & Last Heroes (ft. Soundr), THYLA, Tiesto (ft. Steve Appleton), Tycho, and The Voidz.

070 Shake – Under the Moon

Hayley Kiyoko – Runaway

MIKE – Numbered Dayz

Lolo Zouai – Chain

NLE Choppa – Side

Souly Had – Sunlight

Spirit Animal – Painkiller (LondonBridge Remix)

StayLoose & Last Heroes – Won’t Look Back (ft. Soundr)

THYLA – December

Tiesto – BLUE (ft. Stevie Appleton)

Tycho – Stress

The Voidz – Did My Best