One of my favorite things about Pick Your Poison is the ability to feature some excellent songs and artists that you might not have heard of before. That’s very much true today, and if you’re not familiar with B Boys, Goldroom, or Stef Chura, now’s the perfect time to dig into their music! Press play on any of the three tracks at the top here and get a feel for their sound and if they might be for you. Of course there’s always more, and if you journey past the jump you’ll find more songs from AKA Lui, Asquith, Athlete Whippet, boerd, Miss Red, Sean Kennedy, Same Girls, Silverbacks, and Slayyyter.

B Boys – I Want

Goldroom – U (ft. Chela)

Stef Chura – Sweet Sweet Midnight (ft. Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest)

AKA Lui – Hey! I Don’t Want That Anyway

Asquith – This Is Home

Athlete Whippet – Blue Lagoon

boerd – It Fades Away

Miss Red – Loco

Sean Kennedy – Young & Depressed

Same Girls – Wait

Silverbacks – Pink Tide

Slayyyter – Daddy AF