Ooh today’s Pick Your Poison is a fun one. Get a preview of the upcoming Denzel Curry record with a track right at the top, where, quite frankly, it belongs. If you’re not yet familiar with artists like Little Church and mxmtoon, please also use this opportunity to give their songs a try as they’re the future stars of tomorrow. I’m sure there are other potential breakout artists in this set, and if you keep going past the jump, you can hear more music from Chris Orrick, Hildur Hoglind, Isaac Dunbar, Jhene Aiko, Juliane, Julio Nickels, LP, Paper Idol, and Summer Cannibals.

Denzel Curry – RICKY

Little Church – Last Night

mxmtoon – prom dress

Chris Orrick – Funny Things

Hildur Hoglind – Further Apart

Isaac Dunbar – cologne

Jhene Aiko – Triggered (freestyle)

Juliane – Letting Go

Julio Nickels – Local Support

LP – House On Fire

Paper Idol – Still So Alive

Summer Cannibals – False Anthem