Let’s wrap up May with some really cool tracks as the weather finally starts to get hot. Having a numbers-only band name can be a little odd and tough to search for, but 0171 make the minor inconvenience worth it with their latest single. I’m always excited when Kate Tempest comes back with new music, because she’s such an extremely talented and dexterous poet, rapper, and lyricist. Prepare for her next album with a new track below. Toss in an addictive new one from Summer Cannibals as well for good measure, and things are shaping up quite nicely. But wait, there’s more! Cruise on past the jump for additional tracks from Aan, Alxndr London, Coucheron (ft. Sval), NF, Maude Latour, Monomotion, Seb Wildblood, Skilton Avenue, and even more.

0171 – Red Light

Kate Tempest – Holy Elixir

Summer Cannibals – Can’t Tell Me No

Aan – Truly Massive

Alxndr London – Talking Drum

Coucheron – Cold (ft. Sval)

NF – The Search

Maude Latour – Plans

Monomotion – Ecocline Patterns

Phantoms – Designs For You (Will Clarke Remix)

Seb Wildblood – Sketches

Skilton Avenue – Tomorrow