Spread the word, today’s Pick Your Poison is another extended edition complete with downloads (if you want them). Speaking of which, some mp3s you might want to pick up in this set come from A Picture Made, BVRTH (ft. The Nurse), Mariee Sioux, and Oliver Kennan. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from BANKS, BIJOU, The Bliss, CLARA-NOVA, Dumb, FUKC, Geographer, Kainalu, Kate Tempest, Mattson 2, SHY Martin, and Stef Chura.

A Picture Made – Boxes on the Floor

BVRTH – You Walk Alone (ft. The Nurse)

Illuminine – The Many Deaths of Letting Go (ft. Hannah Corinne)

Kev Minney – God Is An Algorithm

Mariee Sioux – Snow Knows White

Mountain Head – We Stole Your Head

Oliver Kennan – The One

Steve Marino – Dehilya


BANKS – Gimme

BIJOU – Your Love

The Bliss – Happier


Dumb – Beef Hits

FUKC – I Wanna Be A Nobody

Geographer – Summer of My Discontentment

Kainalu – Kamikaze Mushroom Palace

Kate Tempest – Firesmoke

Mattson 2 – Naima’s Dream

SHY Martin – Out of My Hands

Stef Chura – They’ll Never