Part of me really wanted to start today’s Pick Your Poison by saying that everything was coming up roses. Of course I’m talking about Anna Rose and Rosie Tucker, who are both right at the top of the highlights. After the jump there’s also a song from Esther Rose, so the thematic connection makes perfect sense. But also I’m recommending that you check out the new one from Chicago’s own Walking Bicycles. Need even more music? How about tracks from Dan D’Lion, Dijon, Mitchell Yard, RL Grime & Graves, Seafret, Softcore Untd., ViVii, and Wy.

Anna Rose – Nobody Knows I’m Here

Rosie Tucker – Habit

Walking Bicycles – Fat Cat

Dan D’Lion – Betterman

Dijon – Cannonball

Esther Rose – Don’t Blame It on the Moon

Mitchell Yard – Mary Jane (ft. Ayelle)

RL Grime & Graves – Arcus

Seafret – Loving You

Softcore Untd. – Gi Meg Tid

ViVii – Love Love Love

Wy – Pavements