In today’s culture of increasingly fractured attention spans, a fair number of people either can’t or won’t devote the time to listen to an entire album from start to finish. As somebody that places a very high value on spending quality time with artists and taking longer musical journeys with them, the recent focus on single songs leaves me just a little bit frustrated. But sitting in that neat little pocket between a single song and an album is the EP, A short (but not too short) statement from an artist just hoping to make an impact early or bide some time until they can do something more expansive, the EP has its merits and flourishes when you’re short on time or attention or both. 2018 saw the rise of some very promising new artists, the debut effort from a supergroup, and some established names trying out some new things – all via the medium of the EP. Here are ten of my absolute favorites, which I hope will lead to some new discoveries that expand your musical palate and strike at your emotional core.

There are links to buy and/or stream these EPs in full, but just FYI you’re also likely to find all of them on Spotify or Apple Music as well.

10. Protomartyr – Consolation [Buy/Stream at Bandcamp]

9. Helena Deland – From the Series of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” [Buy/Stream at Bandcamp] [Vol. III & IV]

8. Westerman – Ark [Buy on Amazon]

7. Kilo Kish – Mothe [Buy on Amazon]

6. Barrie – Singles [Buy/Stream on Bandcamp]

5. Aphex Twin – Collapse [Buy on Amazon]

4. Ravyn Lenae – Crush [Buy on Amazon]

3. Jenny Hval – The Long Sleep [Stream/Buy on Bandcamp]

2. Amber Mark – Conexao [Buy on Amazon]

1. Boygenius – Boygenius [Buy/Stream on Bandcamp]