Take it from the top, and then move down slowly with this fresh edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss new stuff from Claire George, Julian Lynch, and Murray A. Lightburn (of The Dears). Ride past the jump for even more music thanks to alextbh, Elohim, EMBRZ (ft. Leo Stannard), Harry Hudson (ft. Jaden Smith), Homeshake, The Marias (ft. Triathalon), Public Memory, and Rose Droll.

Claire George – Lonely or Alone

Julian Lynch – Meridian

Murray A. Lightburn – Belleville Blues

alextbh – Walls

Editors – Cold (UNKLE Remix)

Elohim – Connect

EMBRZ – She Won’t Let Me Down (ft. Leo Stannard)

Harry Hudson – Just Slide (ft. Jaden Smith)

Homeshake – Like Mariah

The Marias – Drip (ft. Triathalon)

Public Memory – Aegis

Rose Droll – Fat Duck