Start your week right with a brand new song from The Faint, then give it an extra boost thanks to something fresh from pronoun. After that, maybe some Yoe Mase will keep things interesting. Those are the highlights of today’s Pick Your Poison, but there’s even more music after the jump, including tracks from BandoPop, Curbi, Mothica, Ross Henry, SAVI (ft. Aleesa & Not From Mars), The Score, Sirken & h2the (ft. Kalli Therinae), Taiki Nulight & AC Slater (ft. Dell Harris), and Wolfgang Gartner.

The Faint – Chameleon Nights

pronoun – you didn’t even make the bed

Yoe Mase – Homeless

BandoPop – Jammed Up

Curbi – Whip It

Mothica – Burnout

Ross Henry – The Birds and the Breeze

SAVI – Ballarena (ft. Aleesa & Not From Mars)

The Score – The Fear

Sirken & h2the – Howl (ft. Kalli Therinae)

Taiki Nulight & AC Slater – Night Bass Thing (ft. Dell Harris)

Wolfgang Gartner – Deja Vu