Really excited to share today’s Pick Your Poison with you, because it’s packed with amazing songs I hope you’ll get the chance to check out. That includes highlights from Molly Burch, Skylar Spence, and Chicago’s own Tasha. Sail past the jump for even more tracks from CoastDream, Darius, The Entrepreneurs, Marks, mmph, Public Practice, Thomas/Mayer, Yamaneko, and more.

Molly Burch – To the Boys

Skylar Spence – Carousel

Tasha – Kind of Love

CoastDream – Shine

Darius – Ouh

The Entrepreneurs – Joaquin

Marks – Bikini Blonde

mmph – Woodlawn

Public Practice – Fate/Glory

Rock Mecca – Survivor Series (Remix ft. Artifacts)

Thomas/Mayer – So Mad

Yamaneko – Hydrokinesis