Today’s extended edition of Pick Your Poison is brought to you by mp3s. Mp3s: “Remember downloads? They still exist!” Some download highlights in this set come from Fawns of Love, The March Divide, Scratch, and Smoota. Skip through the jump and discover more songs to stream from Be the Bear, Cloud Nothings, DEORRO & D3FAI, Fetty Luciano (ft. Bobby Shmurda), Herobust, Marquis Hawkes, Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band, RUFUS DU SOL, Sarah Davachi, StayLoose x Rozes, Toto (covering Weezer), and UPSAHL.

Fawns of Love – Rocket Science

Innes Wilson – From Now to Forever

The March Divide – Spinning

Marshall Bleu – Junior Year Sucked (ft. Mr Apple)

Nightmare and Sleepy – Tuned Out (ft. August Wahh)

Scratch – The Key

Smoota – Pheromones

XNOVA – She’s A Fake


Be the Bear – I Don’t Want To

Cloud Nothings – The Echo of the World


Fetty Luciano – On The Wall (ft. Bobby Shmurda)

Herobust – WTF

Marquis Hawkes – Instrument of Thought

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Poor Until Payday

RÜFÜS DU SOL – Underwater

Sarah Davachi – Gloaming

StayLoose X Rozes – Mean To Me

Toto – Hash Pipe (Weezer cover)

UPSAHL – Rough