In case you weren’t already aware, it’s Pitchfork Music Festival week here at Faronheit. This Friday marks the start of the 2018 Pitchfork Music Festival, and you’ll find complete, wall-to-wall coverage here on the site. That includes preview guides helping you figure out which acts to see each day, along with recaps and photo posts as the festival occurs and wraps up. Whether you’ll be able to make it out to Union Park in Chicago this weekend or are simply interested in following along on the adventure, I hope you’ll get something out of it. Click here for all the posts related to this year’s festival. Pick Your Poison posts will continue as normal during this time, including today with another solid collection of tracks. Get some glossy synth-pop courtesy of HOLYCHILD. Experimental musician, poet, and activist Saul Williams spits fire over a skittering drum and bass slice of electronica in his latest below. Then multi-instrumentalist and incredible DIY artist Tash Sultana offers another preview of her forthcoming debut album. Continue on past the jump, and you’ll find more great music from the likes of Adam Port, Capital Punishment, De Lux (covering Spoon), Gunship (ft. Tim Cappello & Indiana), Hippie Sabotage, Jaguar Dreams (covering Fleetwood Mac), Miss World, Sophie Meiers, Tunde Olaniran, and Yotto (ft. Vok).

HOLYCHILD – Wishing You Away

Saul Williams – The Flaw You Worship

Tash Sultana – Harvest Love

Adam Port – Do You Still Think of Me?

Capital Punishment – Muzak Anonymous

De Lux – Do You (Spoon cover)

Gunship – Dark All Day (ft. Tim Cappello & Indiana)

Hippie Sabotage – Lovely (Billie Eilish & Khalid Flip)

Jaguar Dreams – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Miss World – Carb Yr Enthusiasm

Sophie Meiers – Something About You

Tunde Olaniran – I’m Here

Yotto – The One You Left Behind (ft. Vök)