Welcome to July, where the weather is hot, and the music is even hotter! Ugh, I feel like some sort of cliche advertiser spouting that sort of schtick. But hey, it’s a holiday week, and I want to help supply you with some fresh tunes for your parties, cookouts, and fireworks. There’s a little something for everyone in this set. A short but white hot fire track from A$AP Ferg helps to kick things off. Not sure why NONONO aren’t massively popular yet. The Swedish band had a minor crossover hit with their song “Pumpin Blood” back in 2014, but haven’t released much since then. There’s a new album presumably on the way, but they wanted to share this breezy pop song “Ego” now to help fill out your summer soundtrack. Getting some interesting Screaming Trees vibes from the new Slothrust track “Peach”, which is to say that the guitars have just the right amount of heaviness to make them feel like a blissful punch to the face. It’s muscular but tender at the same time, kind of like the fruit the song was named after. Soar beyond the jump and you’ll find more music from Beezewax, cleopatrick, dijon., GANZ (ft. CUT_), Julia Michaels, Majken, Mr Little Jeans, The Score, and Sevenn.

A$AP Ferg – Not the Boy


Slothrust – Peach

Beezewax – Rainbows

cleopatrick – youth

dijon. – Wild

GANZ – Slippin’ (ft. CUT_)

Julia Michaels – Jump (Acoustic)

Majken – Lovely Daughter

Mr Little Jeans – Forgetter

The Score – Glory

Sevenn – Hello Moto (Original Mix)