Starting out June with an extended edition of Pick Your Poison just feels right. The days are getting longer, and so are the collections of songs! There are some fantastic downloads in this set from Carry Illinois, Claude Munson, Franklin, and Running Red Lights. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, you can stream more music from artists that include Beanpole, Blanco White, Impey, Jalen N’Gonda, Luke James, MadeinTYO (ft. A$AP Ferg), Nessly & Yung Bans, Party Pupils, Reese Laflare, Set Mo, TWOGOOD (ft. Maddy), and Winston.

Carry Illinois – Pushing Sound

Claude Munson – Broken Stairs


Draag – Sorry (Dispensa)

Franklin – Lost Sea

Running Red Lights – Songs of Blue

Trowa Barton – Edvard Munch (Coffin)

XNOVA – All I Know


Beanpole – Farmer Loved An Onion

Blanco White – Nocturne

Impey – The Alchemist

Jalen N’Gonda – Don’t You Remember

Luke James – These Arms

MadeinTYO – Ned Flanders (ft. A$AP Ferg)

Nessly & Yung Bans – Wolverine

Party Pupils – Sax On the Beach

Reese Laflare – Donsliponthedrip (Freestyle)

Set Mo – Fault Lines

TWOGOOD – Raindrops (ft. Maddy)