Sometimes you just need a great instrumental ambient electronica track in your life, and today feels like one of those days. Arp has you covered, with the first track from their upcoming record ZEBRA, which will be out in late June. One of my favorite albums so far this year arrived courtesy of the punk band Camp Cope, as How to Socialise & Make Friends ripped through a collection of songs aimed at dismantling the patriarchy. Now Camp Cope have guested on fellow Aussie Dan Sultan’s new collaboration-packed EP, and the results are nothing short of…killer. You can also dig into another beautiful and moving folk song from Rosie Carney. Keep it going past the jump and indulge in more songs from Basement Revolver, Blackaby, Bone Nest, La Force, Chicago’s own Ric Wilson (ft. Kweku Collins, Nick Kosma & Rane Raps), Sara Diamond, Super8 & Tab (ft. Hero Baldwin), Westerman, and The Yada Yada Yadas.

Arp – Fluorescences

Dan Sultan – Killer (ft. Camp Cope)

Rosie Carney – Bare

Basement Revolver – Baby

Blackaby – Georgie Wants A Garden

Bone Nest – Fkbyzantm

La Force – You Amaze Me

Ric Wilson – Sinner (ft. Kweku Collins, Nick Kosma & Rane Raps)

Sara Diamond – Fool

Super8 & Tab – Burn (ft. Hero Baldwin)

Westerman – Edison

The Yada Yada Yadas – Seven Years