Hope your Memorial Day was great! Happy to be back in action with another slice of Pick Your Poison for your ears. It’s tempting to compare Freedom Fry to bands like The Lumineers or Of Monsters and Men, but this duo has an alt-folk style all their own, and there’s certainly enough room for it in today’s music landscape. Their latest single “Die Tryin'” is one of their catchiest to date, so give it a shot if you’re so inclined. jade Bird has been making a name for herself so far in 2018, as her single “The Lottery” has been getting plenty of radio airplay as it climbs up the charts. She’s following it up with the sparse acoustic ballad “Furious”, which may not sound like a big hit, but the focus on her vocals and lyrics is powerful and beautiful. Reminds me a bit of Neko Case. Soulful singer Nikki Jean has been making great music for the last decade, much of it in collaboration with Lupe Fiasco. She’s got her own solo thing too, which is more a collection of singles into EPs released a few years back. Thankfully she signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment at the end of last year, with an eye on a new album for 2018. Enjoy “Mr Clean”, which naturally features a guest appearance from…you guessed it, Lupe Fiasco. Sail past the jump if you’re interested in hearing other new songs from great artists like 3LAU + ZAXX (ft. Olivera), Balako, Fabian Mazur & Party Thieves, Jamison Isaak, LH4L (ft. KG Man), Loote (ft. Joe Jonas), Masayoshi Fujita, MUTO (ft. Oliver Dibley), and Plage 84 (ft. Femi Jaye).

Freedom Fry – Die Tryin’

Jade Bird – Furious

Nikki Jean – Mr Clean (ft. Lupe Fiasco)

3LAU + ZAXX – Dirty Neon (ft. Olivera)

Balako – Jungle Music

Fabian Mazur & Party Thieves – Overdose

Jamison Isaak – Us

LH4L – Good Body Gyal (ft. KG Man)

Loote – Longer Than I Thought (ft. Joe Jonas)

Masayoshi Fujita – It’s Magical

MUTO – Tessellating (ft. Oliver Dibley)

Plage 84 – Rainbow Hair (ft. Femi Jaye)