There’s a little something for everybody in today’s Pick Your Poison, but if you’re a fan of female voices you may want to pay particular attention. Case in point, the three songs right at the very top being highlighted in this set. If you’re not familiar with gobbinjr, their off-kilter take on indie pop is a delight you’ll want to explore deeper. If the singer-songwriter style is more your speed, Juliana Daugherty’s latest places her truly powerful voice and lyrics front and center in the best way. Then there’s a new one from icy cool synth pop duo SALES, whose melodies will slink into your brain without you noticing, and stick around far longer than you would otherwise imagine. Climb over the jump, and you’ll also discover tracks from Aisha Burns, An Horse, Aurora Shields, Batu, Big Shaq, New Chance, Penny Mob, Taleen Kali, and VHS Collection.

gobbinjr – november 163

Juliana Daugherty – Baby Teeth

SALES – White Jeans

Aisha Burns – Where Do I Begin

An Horse – Get Out Somehow

Aurora Shields – Only You Can Make Me Blue

Batu – Flash React

Big Shaq – Man Don’t Dance

New Chance – Chasing the Sunset

Penny Mob – 21st Century Kids

Taleen Kali – Lost & Bound

VHS Collection – One