Wishing you a very happy Pi day. In honor of this annual “holiday”, allow me to recite as many digits of Pi as I can remember off the top of my head: 3.1415926535…and so on. Go out and grab yourself a slice of pie as well, because it’s only fitting and also delicious. Had myself a bit of banana creme this afternoon, and it really hit the spot. Hoping these Pick Your Poison tracks will do the same for you. The B-52’s Fred Schneider has an interesting new song with his band the Superions, whicn you can find below. Also don’t miss streams from MONOGEM and the DJDS remix of St. Vincent’s most recent single “Los Ageless”. Beyond the jump you’ll also find songs by Breathe Panel, Caitlyn Scarlett, EMBRZ (ft. Harvie), Henry Fong x Vlien Boy (ft. Lisa Mercedez), Last Japan, mmph, Mountain Bird, Murlo & Conducta, and SACRE.

Fred Schneider & the Superions – Konnichiwa

MONOGEM – Get You High

St. Vincent – Los Ageless (DJDS Version)

Breathe Panel – Carmine

Caitlyn Scarlett – Ornaments

EMBRZ – Close 2 U (ft. Harvie)

Henry Fong x Vlien Boy – Pop It Off (ft. Lisa Mercedez)

Last Japan – B4 All That

mmph – Sun God

Mountain Bird – The Wolf

Murlo & Conducta – Together

SACRE – Palmtree Hotel