Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you get to spend some time with somebody you love – even if it’s just family or friends. There are a couple of love-centric songs in today’s edition of Pick Your Poison, but it’s not specifically angled in that direction. Most of these songs are rather lovely in their own ways though, especially highlights from The Blow, The California Honeydrops, and Eleanor Friedberger. Keep going past the jump and stream additional tracks from BRKLYN (ft. Lenachka), Frank Leone, JB Dunckel (of Air), Paddy Hanna, Rival Consoles, Roxiny, Westerman, and more!

The Blow – Afterparty

The California Honeydrops – Call It Home

Eleanor Friedberger – In Between Stars

BRKLYN – All Around The World (ft. Lenachka)

Frank Leone – Huffing Paint

JB Dunckel – Love Machine

Lucy Mason – Going Home Broke (Oliver Tank Remix)

Paddy Hanna – Ida

Rival Consoles – Unfolding

Roxiny – Goliath

Soft As Snow – Snake (Liars Always With You Remix)

Westerman – Confirmation