How are your New Years Resolutions holding up? I realize it’s only been a week or so, but you’d be surprised at how quickly people fall off the wagon. I’ve got my own personal strategy for keeping resolutions: not making any. It’s been working out great so far! Onto today’s Pick Your Poison. The highlights are up top, and include tracks from Pale Grey (ft. Serengeti), Public Access T.V., and Wild Child. Still plenty of great stuff after the jump though, including songs from Bad Decisions, The Green Child, Holy Now, Knightstown, Max Styler, Nightwave, TSVI & Wallwork, WRRY, and Young Galaxy.

Pale Grey – Late Night (ft. Serengeti)

Public Access T.V. – Lost in the Game

Wild Child – Sinking Ship

Bad Decisions – Slide Thru

The Green Child – Her Majesty II

Holy Now – Feel It All

Knightstown – Charlatan

Max Styler – All Your Love

Nightwave – Sanctuary

TSVI & Wallwork – Jaguar

WRRY – Like That

Young Galaxy – Under My Wing