Let’s skip straight to the details with today’s Pick Your Poison. The three lovely tracks up top come from AVEC, Local Natives, and White Cliffs (ft. Ricky James). All of them are well worth your time, so I hope you listen and enjoy. Of course there’s plenty more for discerning tastes beyond the jump, including songs from Blair Sound Design, Blanco White James, Cooper Saver’s remix of a Cut Copy track, HYLLS, Kindo, Llovers, Oliver Hazard, Soft As Snow, and Will Long.

AVEC – Youth

Local Natives – Colombia (Demo)

White Cliffs – Heart Start (ft. Ricky James)

Blair Sound Design – Console Humidity

Blanco White James – Pump Yo Breaks

Cut Copy – Memories We Share (Cooper Saver Remix)

HYLLS – All Over the Place

Kindo – Return to Me

Llovers – Just Lust

Oliver Hazard – Hey Louise

Soft As Snow – Snake

Will Long – Nothing’s Changed