Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were great and all that jazz. While you recover from whatever hangover you might be nursing from the last couple of days, I wanted to share this collection of tracks that have built up in the couple weeks that Pick Your Poison has been off. Consider this a slightly extended version of what would normally appear, to help you get your 2018 off to a bright start. I’m happy to recommend downloads in this set from Blanco White James, The Coolness, Margaret Chavez, and Moon Darling. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Alina Baraz, A$AP Twelvyy, Cobrayama & T.Z. Duhh, Garden City Movement, Her’s (covering Minnie Riperton), Kainalu, Kelsey Vaz, Koda, Lauren Ruth Ward, Long Neck, Lou Karsh, Migos, Mika Vainio w/ Ryoji Ikeda & Alva Noto, Nickodemus & Maharaj Trio, Peach Pit (covering Sufjan Stevens), Renata Zeiguer, and Sam F & JZVEL.

Babby – Mother

Blake Banks – Cashout

Blanco White James – By Myself

The Coolness – Chicken Leg Girl

Donae’O – Bandoe (ft. Don E)

Endre Nordvik – Like Old Friends

Margaret Chavez – Strange Buoy’s

Max Koffler – Choose Your Fate

Moon Darling – Learned Amongst the Sky


Alina Baraz – Buzzin

A$AP Twelvyy – 12 Days Of X-Mas

Cobrayama & T.Z. Duhh – Orbit

Garden City Movement – Slightly All the Time

Her’s – Loving You (Minnie Riperton cover)

Kainalu – Finding Peace of Mind

Kelsey Vaz – Pretty

Koda – No Turning Back

Lauren Ruth Ward – Did I Offend You?

Long Neck – Elizabeth

Lou Karsh – Ataraxia

Migos – Stir Fry

Mika Vainio, Ryoji Ikeda & Alva Noto – Movement 2

Nickodemus & Maharaj Trio – Path of The Liger

Peach Pit – Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day? (Sufjan Stevens cover)

Renata Zeiguer – Bug

Sam F & JVZEL – On My Way