Soooo today is my birthday, not that I’m fishing for kind words or best wishes or anything. Instead, I’d like to give you, dear reader, the gift of new music. We’ve been blessed with a collaboration between Brian Eno and Kevin Shields (of My Bloody Valentine), so that immediately takes the spotlight over everything else today. Other highlights include tracks from Magic Wands and New Fumes (ft. Wayne Coyne). Click past the jump, and you’ll discover other songs from The Academic, Catalina, Chloe Black, Dim Sum, Goon, Ovlov, Penguin Prison, Poppy Ackroyd, Smerz, and SoulMates. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some candles to blow out.

Brian Eno with Kevin Shields – Only Once Away My Son

Magic Wands – Loveline

New Fumes – Rioter’s Milk (ft. Wayne Coyne)

The Academic – Permanent Vacation

Catalina – After All

Chløë Black – Waterbed

Dim Sum – Just Need

Goon – Ten Tables

Ovlov – Small Voices

Penguin Prison – Turn It Up

Poppy Ackroyd – The Calm Before

Smerz – Half Life

SoulMates – First Time