Have some fun with today’s Pick Your Poison! Particularly notable tracks in this set come from E.M.M.A, Lindstrom (ft. Jenny Hval), and Nic Fanciulli (ft. Damon Albarn). There’s more after the jump if you’re interested, including songs from Brasstracks (ft. BXRBER), Falcons (ft. TZAR), Howard, JP Saxe, Lorne, rAHHH, Sam F & TastyTreat (ft. Sophie Rose), Win and Woo (ft. Shaylen), plus Chad Valley’s remix of a Yumi Zouma track.

E.M.M.A – Mindmaze

Lindstrøm – Bungl (Like A Ghost) (ft. Jenny Hval)

Nic Fanciulli – Saying (ft. Damon Albarn)

Brasstracks – Brownstone (ft. BXRBER)

Falcons – All Over Again (ft. TZAR)

Howard – Mother’s Wedding

JP Saxe – Anybody Else

Lorne – Oil and Water

rAHHH – Clouds

Sam F & TastyTreat – Wavy (ft. Sophie Rose)

Win and Woo – Gold (ft. Shaylen)

Yumi Zouma – December (Chad Valley Remix)