Fans of The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile should find plenty to love about Gun Outfit’s jangly and serpentine “Strange Insistence” as it conjures the dusty memory of the open road. If yo’re not already aware of the young New York rapper MIKE, let his new track “By the Water” make a proper introduction. He does fantastic work pairing dynamic rhymes with samples from classic soul recordings. There’s something about SPORTS’ “Making It Right” that sounds like it was recorded during the ’90s. It’s some incredibly catchy pop-punk, but with a gritty edge that feels indebted to a degree by bands like Veruca Salt and Pixies. You can get it on a new split 7″ with the band Plush that’ll be out in October. If you’re interested in hearing more new music, there’s a bunch more tracks after the jump from artists such as Chynna, Joker, Kaixen (ft. MRKI), Lamb, Luna Shadows, Nick Wisdom (ft. Reva Devito), Prawn, Teen Daze, and Winter.

Gun Outfit – Strange Insistence

MIKE – By the Water

SPORTS – Making It Right

Chynna – Practice

Joker – Melkweg Bass

Kaixen – In Private (ft. MRKI)

Lamb – Illumina

Luna Shadows – Tokyo

Nick Wisdom – Feelin’ Alright (ft. Reva Devito)

Prawn – Rooftops

Teen Daze – Echoes

Winter – Jaded