Happy to dive into yet another week of Pick Your Poison with some quality new music. We’re getting into the major fall album release season, and there’s plenty more to look forward to in the coming months. In the here and now though, you won’t want to miss downloads in this set from Anastasia Minster, Brad Peterson, Cameron Blake, Ephrata, and more. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Elohim, Emancipator, Gracie and Rachel (covering Sia), Keep Shelly in Athens, PAWS, Seavera, SISTERS, Speedy Ortiz, Steal the City, Twain, Weird Owl, and Wild Cub.

Anastasia Minster – Hour of the Wolf

Brad Peterson – Unbroken

Cameron Blake – After Sally

Ephrata – Tunguska

Errant Boy – Means

Happy Abandon – Severed Seams

Lets Tokyo – You Are

Stephen Doster – Love Like Summertime

Tony Range – Love Story


Elohim – Eclipse

Emancipator – Ghost Pong

Gracie and Rachel – Elastic Heart (Sia cover)

Keep Shelly in Athens – Game Over (Daniel’s Scene)

PAWS – Omaha

Seavera – City


Speedy Ortiz – Indoor Soccer (Live at Shea Stadium 2012)

Steal the City – Beating Heart

Twain – Solar Pilgrim

Weird Owl – You (Sometimes Not You)

Wild Cub – Magic