Put on your dancing shoes, because Cut Copy are back! You definitely need to check out their new one “Airborne” below. It’s got all of the band’s signature hallmarks, including a driving beat, a dynamic hook and just a hint of psychedelia. Fans of abrasive noise rock will definitely want to check out the latest from Ice Balloons, which pretty much takes Death From Above electric guitar riffs and chops/screws them with a very Death Grips-esque twist. It’s loud, intense, and fun. Speaking of fun, Omni continue their streak of making memorable and fuzzy garage pop that sticks in your head for quite awhile after. They’ve got a new record out in September, and “Equestrian” is the delightful first single from it. Other artists in this set include ALKE, DAIJO, Falcons, Garrett David, Joey Bada$$ (x2!), Private Island, The Steoples, and Tricky.

Cut Copy – Airborne

Ice Balloons – The Wasp

Omni – Equestrian

ALKE – Without You

DAIJO – Heart Sting

Falcons – Want Your Body

Garrett David – Ebb Vibe

Joey Bada$$ – 500 Benz

Joey Bada$$ – Love Is Only A Feeling

Private Island – Turbulence

The Steoples – Roles

Tricky – The Only Way (Stripped Down Tricky Mix)