We’re in the middle of a heat wave in Chicago, so maybe stay indoors and blast some AC along with some fresh tunes. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Air Traffic Controller, Allie & Ivy, Chase City and Nathan Oliver, among others. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Count Counsellor, Great Grandpa, Hater, Jesse (of Pure X), Living Colour, Lost Balloons, Michael Nau, Nyck @ Knight, Paris Lain, The Pollyseeds, Punctual and Robotaki (ft. Claire Ridgely).

Adam TK – V3

Air Traffic Controller – It’s You

Allie & Ivy – Money

Chase City – A-N-X-T

Fawns of Love – Falling

The Human Circuit – Juxtaposition

Mija – Time Stops

Nathan Oliver – Sing Blue Silver

Stop Light Observations – Dinosaur Bones


Count Counsellor – Friends

Great Grandpa – Expert Eraser

Hater – Coming Down

Jesse – Luck

Living Colour – Come On

Lost Balloons – Paint

Michael Nau – How You’re So For Real

Nyck @ Knight – Off The Wall

Paris Lain – For You

The Pollyseeds – Up & Away

Punctual – What I Love

Robotaki – Monkey Bars (ft. Claire Ridgely)