With its relatively sedate beats and light orchestration, Colouring’s “Heathen” is subtle and gorgeous in a way that bears similarities to The xx. It seems like Mating Ritual’s “Drunk” will be headed in a similarly slow and pulsating direction, until it suddenly switches gears and turns into a sky high guitar tune with an assist from some synths. It left me markedly impressed. There’s certainly nothing subtle about Palm’s latest, which dives into the math rock pool and goes for a swim with some obtuse guitar riffs. It’s wild and frenetic and absurdly well constructed. For something fun and upbeat and danceable, Youngr’s new single “Monster” satisfies all of those requirements. Skate past the jump for other tunes from Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano, Daddy Issues, Falcons (ft. GoldLink), Forever, GunFight!, Jaymes Young, Kilchhover, and The Legends.

Colouring – Heathen

Mating Ritual – Drunk

Palm – Walkie Talkie

Youngr – Monsters

Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano – Winding And Unwinding

Daddy Issues – Locked Out

Falcons – Boo You Know (ft. GoldLink)

Forever – Swamped

GunFight! – Veteran’s Bridge

Jaymes Young – Feel Something

Kilchhofer – Suckfuell

The Legends – Riding the Waves