Fans of R&B who wish the choruses were more explosive and the hooks more stadium-sized might find plenty to enjoy in Arlo’s new single. It’s always nice when we get new music from Iggy Pop, as rumors of his impending retirement continue to grow louder. This at least suggests he’s not completely disinterested or unable to find inspiration. We just got a new Little Dragon record last Friday, and if you’ve not yet heard it perhaps the track below will inspire you to check it out. Yesterday happened to be Chance the Rapper’s birthday, and his equally musical brother Taylor composed a new song in his honor, which you can hear below. Other artists in this set include Bedouine, Dean Blunt, Dylan St. John, Goss, Haux, Landis & Luciana, Savoy and Bright Lights, plus a couple of remixes. Gramatik & Ramzoid put their own spin on Flume’s “Wall Fuck,” and Classixx give Night Drive’s “Rise and Fall” a bit of an energy boost.

Arlo – Ivory

Iggy Pop – Asshole Blues

Little Dragon – Celebrate

Taylor Bennett – Only Brother (A Special Remix)

Bedouine – Dusty Eyes

Dean Blunt – as long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel

Dylan St. John – Real One

Flume – Wall Fuck (Gramatik & Ramzoid Remix)

Goss – Soo Bad

Haux – Touch

Landis & Luciana – Nang Nang

Night Drive – Rise and Fall (Classixx Remix)

Savoy and Bright Lights – The Wolf (Savoy Live Version)