To my ears, just about every Allie X single I hear is going to be the one that pulls her into the jetstream of hugely popular artists. Her pop sensibilities are perfectly in line with so many massive hits, yet for whatever reason she hasn’t fully broken out yet. Maybe “Paper Love” will finally push her over the top? Of course if you’re looking for a truly monstrous pop single, Anna Lunoe’s “Godzilla” is pure club banger. Really this entire edition of Pick Your Poison is filled with hot dance tracks, including Cathedrals’ latest “Try to Fight,” which sparkles in just the right way. Of course if you’re more of a guitars and rock n’ roll kind of person, I’d suggest giving the new SLØTFACE song a try. Other artists in this set include DOT, Goldroom, Holy Oak, Juiceboxxx, Lafa Taylor, Sandro Cavazza, Tove Stryke and Two Another.

Allie X – Paper Love

Anna Lunoe – Godzilla

Cathedrals – Try to Fight

SLØTFACE – Magazine

DOT – Gravity

Goldroom – Spread Love

Holy Oak – Isabelle

Juiceboxxx – Freaking Out

Lafa Taylor – Ridin’ Slow

Sandro Cavazza – So Much Better

Tove Stryke – Say My Name

Two Another – Aiming Up